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Canyon Explorations

Architectural & Environmental Associates, Inc. is proud to announce completion of a 15Kw solar array for “Canyon Explorations” located at 675 Clay Street in Flagstaff AZ. Canyon Explorations outfits and leads rafting trips down the Colorado River at the Grand canyon. The “Canyon Explorations” Photovoltaic system shall provide about 60% of the company’s overall electric power needs.

“Canyon Explorations” is an extremely environmentally conscious firm that practices green sustainable business and is enthused about being able to have a solar Photovoltaic system that provides completely clean renewable power.

In addition the new solar system is installed on a steel frame on the south side of the site and also provides an approximate 65 foot x 25 foot shaded work area for the company’s employees for maintaining the company’s boats and other equipment in the summer.

The company can sell power back to Arizona Public Service (APS) when it is making more power than it requires for its use. APS helped pay for the solar system by giving a $4.00 a watt rebate to Canyon Exploration or approximately $60,000. In addition the business also is receiving a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the balance of the cost of the system (part of the 2005 Energy Tax Credit Law) or approximately $30,000 and approximately $10,000 from the state of Arizona as a tax credit. Additionally, the federal tax credit law allows for an accelerated real property “five year write off” that also provides some additional tax savings. For more information on this or other AEA solar projects please contact us!

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