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Our History

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EA began business 42 years ago completing work in the Professional areas of: Green Architecture, Environmental Consulting and Solar design and Installation. AEA started business in the Kansas City, Missouri area and soon grew to have offices in Arizona and Idaho.

The initial focus of the company was to create buildings which were energy efficient while still cost effective and that encompassed building healthy design by using healthy building materials while also addressing issues of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Indoor Air Quality concerns were fueled in part by an emerging knowledge of adverse health effects associated with many building materials that contained potentially hazardous materials.

The resulting business areas of AEA over time included Designing and Constructing homes and commercial buildings, providing in depth Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations as well as several types of remediation’s for the IAQ problems found, providing numerous types of Environmental sampling as well as having several types of EPA certified Laboratories for analyzing certain environmental contaminants, designing and installing rainwater harvesting/collection systems, designing and installing Wind and Solar PV and Solar Hot Water Systems, Providing Environmental Sites assessments (Phase I, II, and III), providing Energy Audits for buildings as well as providing Energy efficient designs, selling “Green Building Materials” in the company owned “Green Goods” Store (see below), and providing training for organizations and individuals for energy related topics as well as environmentally related topics.

The company’s “Green Goods”: a retail store was a natural outgrowth of designing and constructing healthy and good indoor Air Quality Homes and Commercial Buildings. At the time “Green Building Materials” were an emerging market and AEA was on the cutting edge. It was oftentimes difficult to find healthy building materials and likewise sort through the marketing materials of some companies to determine that the product(s) they were selling were actually healthy and/or contributed to good Indoor Air Quality. 

AEA “Green Goods” Retail Store sold many different sustainable, recycled and environmentally sound items and AEA became the exclusive area retail dealer for many materials including: bamboo and cork flooring, wall finish materials including clay paints and “America Clay” countertop materials including concrete countertops and natural ingredients for countertops, Austin HEPA Air Filter machines, Hot water demand pumps, reclaimed wood furniture of all types, recycled car tire paver bricks, translucent wall panels, rainwater harvesting tanks, recycled wood decking materials, low or non VOC caulking materials and numerous other recycled and healthy building materials.

As AEA has grown and changed over the years, three key areas are currently the companies main focus:

  1. Mold and other Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing.
  2. Radon Testing and Installation of Radon Mitigation systems.
  3. Solar Electric (PV) design and Installation.