Why AEA?

AEA business philosophy has not changed over our 25 years of business. We strive to provide ethical, honest, professional service, based on integrity and hard work. We stand behind all of our services and products 110%.

Why We’re Different

Our Green Architecture and Design is unique in that we have combined the extensive knowledge and expertise of numerous professionals in the fields of environment, energy design (such as solar and wind) and construction, to offer our clients the most comprehensive building design and construction experience. This is reflected in our residential as well as our commercial designs. Our work melds the advantages of cutting edge technology in energy and environmental health, with innovations in building design and construction. We specialize in solar and wind design and installation, energy efficient and healthy solutions and inspiring and innovative architectural design.

Our Environmental Services differ also in the combined knowledge and experience of our environmental professionals. Our staffs are comprised of Industrial Hygienists, Biologists, Microbiologists, Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Asbestos and Lead Inspectors, Registered Environmental Assessors, Mold Remediation Supervisors, and Environmental Engineers. This combination of building related professionals and Environmental specialists allow us to bring you the best in design and application for all your building needs.