Green Construction

Green construction is a dynamic area of building construction and remodeling that utilizes materials and designs that are healthy for the environment as well as the building’s occupants. The location of the building, the weather, and your needs are all taken in to consideration to create a space that is cost efficient as well as beautiful and practical. Green construction methods can be utilized in new and existing construction, or can be as simple as adding a reclaimed water system to water your garden.

Our Architects have over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential design and construction. Our philosophy is that there is always a best solution to any design objective, given all the functional, environmental, social, financial, and legal attributes, constraints and requirements that accompany any architectural project. Our goal is to apply our professional, technical, and management abilities to find the most appropriate design solution. AEA, Inc. offers every client the expertise gained from numerous completed projects for custom homes and commercial buildings.

Our staff has worked on all phases of construction from drawing to Interior design. Our firm consists of Registered and LEEDâ„¢ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited Architects, registered contractors, and degreed Interior designers. We can run feasibility studies on an area you are considering developing as well as create a land development plan.

We are committed to providing you with a home that is healthy for you, your family and the environment. Whether you want to add photovoltaic or wind system to your existing home, want consultation on energy efficient and ecologically friendly products, or design an entire (indoor and/or outdoor) living area, we can help you put it all together, as well as show you the newest ideas in human and environmentally friendly materials.

Each project is approached as a unique opportunity. Through a process of creative choices and constant reappraisal of priorities, solutions are developed to meet each client’s objective, functional requirements, and budgetary constraints. Up-to-date construction technology is applied to solve a complexity of building needs, so that the resulting design is aesthetically expressed in a distinctive manner. While experience from a wide variety of completed work is an important resource, each project is approached without preconceived solutions.

AEA combines cost-effective design and value engineering with imaginative and flexible integration of building systems in order to create distinctive and comfortable spaces and buildings.