Green Architecture

“Green Architecture” at Architectural & Environmental Associates, Inc. (AEA) is a “whole” approach to designing and constructing a house or building.

It is a holistic approach , one that recognizes and encourages the design and resulting completed house or other type of building to work together as a whole as much as a healthy body with its many organs and parts or a good automobile engine would work together to achieve a high level of performance. Performance at its maximum.

If one part of a car engine or human body malfunctions it affects the other parts and the whole entity. It is the same way with “Green Architecture”; if one part of a green building does not function to its highest level it can and will diminish the performance or operation of other parts the house or building.

In “Green Architecture” if part is not designed or constructed properly to work with the other parts then you will not get the high performance possible for the house or building. Because of this “Green Architecture” is instinctively tied to the site and the environment of the site and the area.

“Green Architecture” reduces the environmental impact of building upon the land and maximizes the use of water, energy, and site’s and our many other natural resources. “Green Architecture” seeks the maximum performance from the resources used while imparting the least environmental disturbance. Its goal is to create the greatest resource harmony and efficiency possible while creating the most durable building with the least environmental impact.

“Green Architecture” is what Architectural & Environmental Associates, Inc. (AEA) strives to complete. A whole approach for designing and constructing a home or other building that considers the special features and environment of the site and the surrounding area(s), that uses environmentally friendly, sustainable and green building products. Products that have the least amount of energy embodied in them for the function they are to perform and products that use the least amount of natural resources and create the least amount of pollution during their manufacture and their use.

AEA practices “Green Architecture” by designing into their projects the latest energy efficient construction and related building materials. AEA strives to use the latest alternative energy solar photovoltaic and wind technologies and energy efficient heating and cooling devices and appliances in the homes and buildings they design and construct. AEA “Green Architecture” takes advantage of nature’s natural heating abilities by using passive solar heat gain and the natural heat in the insulative qualities of the earth by creating geothermal heating systems and “earth contact” structures.

“Green Architecture” is a holistic approach to designing a building where all parts of the building work together to create a high performance, durable, economical, energy savings, environmentally friendly and resource sustainable home or building. It creates a home or building where a person feels a oneness and instinctive kinship with the home or building. Where the spirit of the person and the earth is respected and lifted; so a completeness of being is realized.